Wooden cart with shelves full of books, jars, and seeds.

From books and films to seeds and shovels, the LOL collection offers public library members everything they need to start growing and enjoying their own food while respecting and working in harmony with nature.

Beautiful, hand-built architectural displays, made by local artist Johnny Poux have been installed at each of our 15 sites, and house a nearly 200-volume collection of books (sourced locally, of course), as well as a seed library, and essential gardening tools and AV equipment.

What You’ll Find Inside

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

— Cicero

Books on seeds and gardening lined up on a shelf.


This expert-selected collection features more than 150 books and films that explore the wisdom and know how around regenerative food production, land use, and foraging.

Colorful seeds in several mason jars.


Each of the four libraries contain a comprehensive, self-service seed library with a wide variety of organic, heirloom, and delicious cultivars.

Garden tools in a wooden box.


From soil blockers, shovels, and spades, to dibbers, canning equipment, and compost thermometers, we have just about everything you need to grow your own food.